INT 5'10" Bird Hybrid Foam/Epoxy Surfboard
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INT 5'10" Bird Hybrid Foam/Epoxy Surfboard

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The name says it all, this board flies! The Bird has low entry rocker, a quad fin setup, classic INT round nose, and a shallow swallow tail. The flat rocker, round nose and quad set up are where this board gets its effortless speed and paddling power.

The Bird is pure fun and it might just become your go to board like it has for most of the employees at the INT factory.

The Bird is available in our standard slick vinyl bottom or hybrid epoxy bottom. Check out our Hybrid page for more info on this construction option. 



5’3” x 21” x 2 5/8”   35cl 


Slick Bottom - INT Polyurethane Fins or Upgrade to Futures Fin Boxes 

Hybrid Epoxy Bottom - Futures Fin Boxes Standard