Rusty Yeti 6'8" PU
Rusty Yeti 6'8" PU
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Rusty Yeti 6'8" PU

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Rusty Yeti 

6'8" X 20.75" X 2.7" - 41.5L

5 Futures fin boxes

The Yeti is designed for the larger , sure-footed, surfer who has an aversion to crowds and a penchant for adventure and quality surf. Often thought of as being a little rough around the edges, The Yeti is actually a very smooth character. If you get a glimpse of him, you’ll see a clean outline that comes from a distinctive lineage that includes the Desert Island and the Big Cat. It has a light single to double concave bottom with a full rail. Searching for that elusive board that always seems out of focus and blurry? The Yeti is the answer. 


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