Rusty Zeppelin 7'10" EPS
Rusty Zeppelin 7'10" EPS
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Rusty Zeppelin 7'10" EPS

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7'10"x23.5"x3.35" - 65.56L


5 Futures fin boxes

Originally, the Zeppelin was designed as an all-around board for a larger surfer. The board features a round tail with a balanced, fuller, outline. The nose and tail are both app 15.0 wide. The wide point is 1 inch and change forward. Center width is quite wide. It helps add a bit of curve to the outline, especially with the wider nose and tail. I recently downsized the overall width and thickness on the stock boards. I felt it need to be trimmed down a little...If you don't see a size you like you can always order a custom.

The rocker is slightly less than average on the front end. Semi aggressive on the exit. This helps with paddling and catching waves. Yet with the tail rocker being on the plus side it has a tighter turning radius than expected.

The bottom starts out relatively flat and the entry area has a little break. It flattens out through the center then works its way through the zone with approximately .25 inches of slightly concave Vee. Deepest at approx. 2 feet up. This gradually flattens out through the fins into a slight vee.

The overall volume is shifted slightly forward. The ride is very smooth, “clean”, and has exceptional range. Enjoy!


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